Our Rock Setup


Our plan for this site is to share how we have made Rock work for us. We are open to corrections if you see one of ours and know a better way to do it, please let us know! We don't know how to do everything nor do are we probably doing it right, but it gets us what we need. We hope that it helps provide you with ideas or possibly even a solution to your need.

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Announcement Request

The announcement request for our communications department. We use this to help with departments requesting an announcement during the weekend services from the main stage.

Baptisms YTD

Created a Dynamic Data block for displaying Baptisms year-to-date.

Connection Assigned Email

This workflow notifies the connector (the staff person) that was assigned to a connection.

Dashboard Ideas

See what widgets we've put on our dashboards

First Time Guests YTD

Provides a dynamic data block that shows first time visitors year-to-date.

Fix date on transaction within batch

Did you enter the wrong date on a batch of transactions? This will fix them all.