Announcement Request

The announcement request for our communications department. We use this to help with departments requesting an announcement during the weekend services from the main stage.

Connection Assigned Email

This workflow notifies the connector (the staff person) that was assigned to a connection.

Fix date on transaction within batch

Did you enter the wrong date on a batch of transactions? This will fix them all.

Inside workflow email person a link to form

This will walk you through how to send an email to a person that contains a link to a form that is waiting on them to fill out. This specific instance is for background checks

Key Volunteer Survey

Sends a survey to the user with a unique URL and writes attributes to the person profile.

Modified Background Check

This workflow sends an email with a user specific link to request their SSN from them so the staff doesn't ever have to handle it.

Notify Leaders each time someone joins their small group

This workflow notifies the person that signed up for a group, the leader(s) of that group, and the staff person that someone was added to a group.

Student Leader Application

The application for student's who want to be leaders, this goes out and requests references from two different people from the form.

Texting to Group Attendance

This workflow allows people to text in to add them to a group and add attendance. If their number does not match a person, it sends back a unique URL to get enough info to add them to the database.

Volunteer Application with BG Check

Volunteer application with background check included in the process.

Wistia Video Training Workflow

This workflow walks you through using a Wistia video and Rock to store when a person has finished watching a training video.