"Over 18" Documentary Screenings

Over 18 is a documentary sharing the story of Joseph, a homeschooled 13-year old boy living in a small town who became addicted to pornography at the age of nine.

The documentary explores how increased exposure to pornography rewired his brain and influenced his interaction with others, particularly young women.

It also investigates porn’s influence on the behavior of young women, and the difficulty they have in speaking about it.

Porn is just a click away for many of our children and students. And its effects are far-reaching and life-altering.

We invite you to attend a screening of this documentary. Our goal is to equip parents, teachers, and community leaders with the information needed to guard the hearts of their children and students.

Please note: Due to the sensitive nature of the content, no children under 18 will be permitted to view the documentary.

Monday, February 12th - 6:00-7:30 pm Greenwood Fieldhouse
Tuesday, February 13th - 6:00-7: 30 pm Greenwood Fieldhouse*** and Banta Campus*** 
Thursday, February 15th - 6:00-7: 30 pm Greenwood Fieldhouse.

***Childcare available during these screenings only. Registration required. Click the image below to register.