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Marriage Rocks

Whether you’ve been married for six months or sixty years, every marriage could use a boost! Throughout the course of this two-day, conference-style event, you and your spouse will focus on developing a thriving marriage and breaking the unhealthy patterns that can get in the way.

Growth Track

Growth Track's purpose is for you to learn how to live out the abundant life that Jesus promises us by helping you take your next steps at Emmanuel. Growth Track meets the first four Sundays of every month and is made up of four steps that will teach you to trust Christ with your whole life, connect to God through the church, other believers, and daily spiritual practices, and discover your unique gifts and abilities to make an eternal impact in the lives of others.


We believe that baptism is an act of obedience to publicly acknowledge our faith in Jesus Christ and our intent to follow Christ with our life. Our baptism service will be the weekend of August 11th & 12th at all campuses.